What is offered

Shamanic Immersions

healingThe ConSciousCore Healing Shamanic Immersion is both a conscious dialogue and an energetic experience. It is an opportunity for one to experience oneself in a more authentic expression of self. By bringing in very specific energies and with divine guidance from spirit and utilizing the ancient shamanic technologies of South and North America; James creates an energetic vortex in which you are cleansed and activated;  and through which you are brought into a higher vibrational frequency.

Individual Session  

This process integrates massage, cranio-sacral therapy and Reiki  with intuitive information to aid in the resolution of energetic and physical blockages; as well as to balance and clear the chakra system, upgrade any deficiencies in physical and etheric grids and removes old limiting programs and blueprints. This process delves deeply into old patterns of holding both on the energetic and physical levels.  Each session is s structure of the session is informed by the individual and is a process by which one can access their own intuitive healing needs; giving you the opportunity to allow yourself, to feel yourself resonant in truth; resonant with all that is.  

90 Minutes — $150

templeCSCH  Shamanic Immersion:  Workshop

What is good for the individual is good for the collective.  When we gather in ceremonial form and enter a healing space collectively, we give ourselves the opportunity to heal what we are unable to see in ourselves as we witness and support it in others; In the first part of this 6 hour experience there is a conscious exploration and dialogue about  beliefs and belief systems, what they are and how they impact our every decision. The second part of the day will consist of a shamanic clearing and energetic purge followed by the CSCH atonement and activations of your highest divine self through your energetic DNA.  Groups are limited to 15 people.  For more information about hosting a ConSciousCore Healing Shamanic Immersion please contact James directly. 

Intuitive Readings

Utilizing the information that is stored in your energetic matrix, with the support and assistance from ones guides and angelic helpers, James will tap into your Akasic records, the energetic library of your story, to access any information that is in your highest good and as is in Divine Order with your highest expression of self.  In-person or Skype  sessions are available. 

45 minute  – – $65

60 minute – – $75

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