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I Intend

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I Intend



Today I am a wake with love in my heart and peace in my mind,

Today I embrace all and everything that I am in the world.


Today I am that I am.


Today as above, so below.

                           Today as within, so without.


Today I am consciousness unfolded

                                             to everything there ever was

                                                                                is and ever will be


Today I am consciousness uninterrupted

Today I am love

Nothing more nothing less


emanating in all directions


the center of my soul.

This I do Intend.


Your Beliefs, are they good for you, good for humanity?

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What do you  believe, and why do you believe it?

 Have you ever stopped for a moment and contemplated  the things that you actually believe, or are they programs silently running in the background?  What do you believe about love, about war, about marriage, about food…about money….about medicine…about religion?

We only have to look at the chaos and upheaval that is at the head of our governmental structures today to know that we are at a time in humanity when we must leave old-no longer relevant beliefs and belief systems behind, with gratitude for what they brought, and step into the new paradigm of heart centered conscious living.

Beliefs:  “core thought forms around which we construct the ego and self image, through which all of our decisions,choices, and actions are consciously or more often unconsciously filtered, and by which our actions are dictated.”

The key here being “unconsciously filtered”:  that means, that every bit of stimuli you experience income way shape or form moves through your consciousness, faster than we could possibly quantify, running through the invisible matrix of your beliefs, before you register your first reaction.


Belief: “to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.”  

It is beliefs about the self that we are interested in; they sound something like this: “I am not enough”.  “I am not lovable”.  “I am ugly”.  “I am a failure”.  “I am too much”.  “I don’t have enough”.  “Something is wrong with me”. “I am not worthy”. “I am special”.  “I am safe”.  “I am lovable”.  “I am worthy”.  They are both of a positive and a pejorative nature.  


Even though they are about the self, our core beliefs  are typically downloaded to us from an external source, usually very early in life via an experience or a directive from a parent or other immediate family member; and sometimes are even download in-utero. Taking it one step further: I believe that many of us carry the blueprint of some beliefs with us from lifetime to lifetime just as we carry genetic codes in our DNA.


Belief System: :an ordered and comprehensive assemblage of facts, principles,doctrines, or the like in a particular field of knowledge or thought: a system of philosophy. a system of government.”


Individual beliefs are downloaded to us from the larger belief systems of family government and religion that we are born into, and most of us never in anyway shape or form do anything other than exist within the belief systems into which we we
re born.  These systems are self replicating programs that like an object in motion stays in motion until something interferes with it.  

It is important to remember too, that this exploration is such that once you have examined your beliefs you then get to choose which one’s you keep and which ones you don’t, even if it means keeping all the ones you had intact; but what you will have gained is the power of choice or the right to self determination at the deepest core level of your being.  The right to self determination was itself one of the most significant shifts in the lexicon of human beliefs when it began to unfold as a possibility for humanity on large scales around the time of the American Revolution, whose seeds were planted perhaps when the Puritans began the search for a place to assert their religious freedoms.  We could unravel this backwards to the beginning of time, but i think you get the point.


It is the pejorative beliefs we have about ourselves that almost always are the ones that are most deeply ingrained, and therefore have the largest impact on our daily living. This is a tendency that is in-fact hardwired into us.  There is at the very core of all humans, a belief that goes something like “oh crap, the shit is about to hit the fan, something is terribly wrong!”.   We come by this honestly, as for far more of our human existence than not, we were somebody else’s lunch. You can imagine I suppose, that If this is A or the core belief  how it might dictate or impact every belief that was formed after it. The fight flight or freeze impulse has prehistoric roots, primal roots; a blueprint of which exists within every single one of us.  Humanity came of age, always looking over our own shoulder being much closer to  the bottom of the food chain than the top.


We are at a place and time in human evolution I believe, in which we are finally pushing the last vestiges of this belief out of our programming. As we do so individually, we do so collectively, and thus culturally.  Today we are at the top of the food chain, and yet many of us operate as if we are at the bottom. Every war ever waged has been about taking what someone else has, taking food, taking  people taking land, taking power.  Those of us who were born into the Judeo-christian belief system only need to open the bible  to see the genesis of this core belief:  Adam and Eve couldn’t resist the one thing they were denied, plucking the fruit from the forbidden tree which  led to Cain coveting what Abel had and so on and so on. we could unfold this all the way forward to the explosion of Imperialism around the world beginning with the great bronze and iron age empires of Egypt and China, all the way to the modern american consumer empire.

An amazing thing happens to us, as individuals when we begin to assert our right of self determination. One of the most profound ways to do that is to consciously begin to run our beliefs and belief systems through the filters of: what does this do for the condition of my heart? Assuming for arguments sake  that there is an optimal condition of the heart, which i believe there is, knowing that at our core we all want to feel: loved valued respected joyful safe and content.


What happens when you begin to examine your beliefs, by running dilemmas’  and decisions, from the tiniest to the biggest through the filter of:  what does this do for the condition of my heart; and does this support my having the most ass kicking experience of myself possible?

  Imagine you are an 18 year old college freshman: you grew up in a strict christian household; your father was a minister; among other things you believe pre-marital sex and abortions are both sins.. Now Imagine You are date-raped by your boyfriend and you become pregnant.   On top of the physical and psychological trauma you have  trauma at the belief level.  You are smart; you are not naive; you know there are options. Those known options directly contradict your belief systems and yet those options could dramatically impact the rest of your life. Now not only are you devastated; but you are trapped inside a box of beliefs  that will, no matter what you do, bring you some form of:  judgement and shame from your family and community, anxiety about being judged, fear of eternal damnation and loss of self respect.


Now imagine running this through the filter of: what does this do for the condition of my heart; and does this support my having the most ass kicking experience of myself possible?  


The only possible way out of this box, without subjecting the self to more trauma, on top of the trauma of being raped, is through a shifting of beliefs.  The incident of the rape is the  force that is interfering with the object, in this case your beliefs about premarital sex and abortion, in motion.  

For most of humanity’s existence, survival was often determined by adhering to a tried and true set of rules that were predicated on safety.  Doing exactly as we were told  was a matter of survival; we didn’t have the luxury of any form of self reflection. This didn’t come until the ancient Greeks, when Socrates posited that to be wise meant to “know thy self” and that an unexamined life was not worth living. we have spent the better part of the last 3 millennia in an arduous process of knowing “thy self”  through the constructs of the mind; and have just begun to shift from a mentally based paradigm of belief , to a heart based paradigm of belief.  

While our lives are divided into  larger belief systems that contain our personal beliefs and most of us have no say about these large all encompassing external structures; we must begin to assert our own will in choosing personal beliefs.  When we do so at the deepest core level, we begin to experience our truth, not someone else’s.  Now imagine a world in which every single person, were grounded in their individual truth and operating with concern for  the optimal condition of their own heart…in this world Donald Trump could not existi.

Live in love and light!