What core beliefs do you hold about yourself?

Are they your beliefs or someone else’s?

Do they support your highest good, or are they part of a bigger belief system that is actually intended to keep you separate from self, separate from god?


ConsciousCore Healing is an experience; It is an experience of self in truth.  When we consciously experience ourselves in our truth, even if just for a fraction of a moment, our being instantly becomes attuned to the frequency of that truth and then our being both consciously and unconsciously begins to seek out, to recreate the vibration of that experience.  When you are In your truth, when you are emiting the vibration of truth, that is the vibration that you will pull or attract to you.   If left to our own devices eventually after many many lifetimes we would randomly create for ourselves an experience of ourself in  truth and the ball will have finally been pushed over the crest of the hill  and we would begin to follow an unconscious longing for something barely but deliciously recognizable. Absolute Truth.

the ascension 

Guided by spirit and rooted in the ancient shamanic technologies and practices of North and South America, CSCH mission is simple:  it is to provide an opportunity for one to unfold within themself and expression that is not shrouded in thought forms and beliefs that are not in alignment with ones personal truth.  There are many paths to enlightenment, there are as many avenues of ascension  as there are souls on earth, the key is to simply find yours. 



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